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Mehmet Cem Yücel

Technical Writings.
Architecture, Security, Java, Golang, Devops, Microservices, Spring Boot, Kafka, Distributed Systems and Blockchain

  1. Do Not Store User Passwords in This Way*51yiQNFp5KyP3ncI5-zVJA.jpeg

    One of the most critical topics in software development is secure storage of passwords. A data leak can lead to issues concerning both customers and legal regulations. Therefore, today we will focus on best practices regarding these topics. …

  2. Rest Api Design Best Practices*mdijc3xUzEbA2XuyBW5SWg.png

    We are using Rest API Services for intercommunication of our applications. So, do we pay attention to best practices when using them, e.g Richardson Maturity Model, Http Methods, status codes, URI design principles. Let’s analyze this topics together. …